Shoot station 4 syringe shoots

Shoot station 4 syringe shoots

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Graphic guide for installation
A clear guide for syringe and infusion set installation, which facilitates learning and reduces handling errors.

Syringe self-identification
Several brands to choose from
Support for universal syringes and infusion sets.
Parameter memory
Saves the last infusion setting for the next operation.

Smart. Fast™
Smart. Fast™ provided by Comen enables timely delivery of the infusion within 9 seconds, right after the device is started.

Precise administration
Comen’s M800/ME900 offers high, accurate and consistent performance for long-term infusion.

Smart. Map™
Comen’s M800 and ME900 are capable of providing personalized treatment plans with patient-specific medications. By presetting and saving infusion settings in pumps, allowing the caregiver to easily apply, change infusion settings and frequently used medications.

Safety is our priority
Dynamic Pressure System (DPS)
Enable real-time pressure monitoring and reflect pressure changes during infusion.
点 Its graphic and digital color-coded pressure indicators can predict the occlusion alarm in advance.
点 With wider range occlusion pressure detection, 12 preset safety levels